My Documentary

Senior Capstone Project

Not So Fragile.png

Premiered 4/11/19 in Neuman Auditorium 

I was the operations manager and interviewer for Kai Productions, a group of six talented Communications students at Wartburg College. My responsibilities for this project included being the liaison between Kai Productions and the interviewees, creating the production schedule, conducting the interviews seen on screen, writing blog posts, creating a radio ad, writing the voice over and a press release that appeared in several papers in Northeastern Iowa. 

Twenty-five years ago, Aaron Haugen was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) when he was only 10. Without access to the internet and social media, Aaron and his family had to learn how to navigate this new diagnoses only with the guidance of their doctors and close family and friends. Twenty-five years later, Aaron is independent, happy and an active participant in his community. This documentary tells the inspirational story of a family’s journey with FXS that will leave viewers hopeful for the future of those with special needs in today’s society.